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Established in 1986, DeRonde Tire Supply, Inc. sells commercial truck tires all over the world. Starting in 2011, we decided to expand to the retail level with an E-COMMERSE network.

Our reason for this is simple. We believe small trucking companies and owner-operators alike deserve better pricing on tires.

With a 270,000 square foot warehouse filled with inventory from wall to wall, we WILL have what you are looking for. We stock all commercial sizes and carry about 25 different brands. We can offer you very competitive prices with service rated second to none. All orders processed will ship the next business day. Guaranteed.

Here's what we have on special for MARCH:

11R22.5FULLRUNTB735 16$275.00
11R22.5LEAOT810 Trailer 14$249.00
11R22.5GENERALST250 14$309.00
295/75R22.5LEAOD37 DRIVE 16$270.00
295/75R22.5BFGoodrichDR454 Drive 14$445.00
225/70R19.5CONTINENTALHSR 14$315.00

Please contact John H. @ (716)818-2981 OR just start your order online. We will contact you before making anything final.


Product Overview -

  1. Tire Lyna is a high quality tire sealant / gel used in a variety of industries including:

    • Commercial Trucking / Bus / Transportation
    • Corporate Fleets
    • OTR / Mining / Excavating
    • Farming / Agriculture / Logging
    • Waste Management
    • Industrial / Construction
    • Super Singles
    • Import / Retread Tires

  2. The unique product features of our tire sealant products (Armada Supreme, Sahara, and Phantom Sahara) include:

    • Scientifically Engineered, Proven Technology
    • Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Water Soluble, Non-Flammable
    • Maintains Constant Air Pressure For Even Tread Wear
    • Improves Fuel Economy And Mileage.
    • Balances Tires With Even Product Distribution
    • Continually Seals Punctures Up To ½” And Rock Gashes Up To 2 ½”.
    • Keep Tires Running Cooler
    • Broad Operating Range (-80o F / -62o C to +370o F / 188o C). Allows The Product To Be
    • Used In All Seasons And All Geographical Climates.
    • Remains In A Gel State Over The Life Of The Tire - Doesn’t Pool At The Bottom Of The Tire
    • Provides Maximum Protection Against Heat & Oxidation.
    • Protects Steel / Aluminum Wheels / Rims From Rust And Pitting.
    • Repairs And Seals Rim & Bead Leaks
    • For Use With Compressed Air And Nitrogen. Approved For Use With TPMS
    • Improves Tire Casing Integrity For Maximum Recycling.
    • Saves Operator’s $$$ – Less Maintenance, Lower Tire Operating Costs, And Less Equipment Downtime.

  3. The unique product features of our OTR / Mining / Excavating products (Phantom Rim-OFF Supreme and Phantom Rim-OFF) include:

    • Reduces Labor Time For Tire Dismounting
    • Protects Tire Liners From Degrading
    • Improves Air Retention By Sealing Natural Liner Porosity & Vent Hole Leaks
    • Protects Wheels & Rims From Rust Scale And Pitting
    • Prevents Cracking & Blistering Of Inner Liners
    • Reduces Heat Build-Up
    • Eliminates The Need For Rim Clean-Up And Painting
    • Unique Color Identifies Cracks In Rim

      Please visit Tire Lyna for more information.

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Jack DeNijs ~ President

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